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Top scorer Jimmy Shankly

Jimmy Shankly

As far as I know Jimmy Shankly still shares the club record for Highest League Scorer in a Season with Sammy McCrory. In the 1928/29 season, Jimmy Shankly scored 35 goals (34 league, one cup) in 40 appearances for Southend.

Unfortunately, the stats I have that go back to that era sometimes contradict themselves but Jimmy does appear to have been a more consistent goal-scorer than Sammy.

Harold Halse scored more for Southend (91) but this was in the team's inaugural season (1906/07) when the club played daft amounts of games in the Southern League.

According to the history of Southend United that is sat on my knee at the moment:

The brother of Liverpool legend Bill Shankly, Jim set a club record in 1928/29 of 35 Cup and League goals in a season... A former Sheffield United player (until June 1928), he was prone to scoring in bursts between injuries and was a collector of hat tricks. Yet for all that he was never a crowd pleaser and was towards the end of his career often the target of crowd barracking.
He transferred to Barrow in May 1933, having scored 100 goals in 152 matches.

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