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Defender: Leo Roget

Leo Roget
  • Born: 1st August 1977, Ilford.
  • Height: ?
  • Weight: ?
  • Previous clubs: none

Leo Roget is a very rare product of Southend's youth policy. He joined the club in 1993 at the age of sixteen and turned professional in 1995. He was a key part of the Southend United defence and, at the end of the 1996/97 season it appeared that he might be about to leave the club for Feyenoord.

This didn't happen but an injury put him out of the squad for most of the 1997/98 season. Unfortunately, Leo seems never to have made a full recovery and, although he occasionally makes a last ditch tackle that saves the day, he is just as likely to bring down the player and get booked or sent off.

He has been described as a maverick who is not aware of what is happening around him.

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