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Midfielder: Regis Coulbault

Regis Coulbault
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  • Previous clubs: Toulon (France)

The opinion here seems to be we shouldn't have let him go. So where is he now then? (Which club I mean!)

Régis Coulbault was released at the end of the 1997 / 1998 season. The decision to release him may not have been a decision based entirely on playing ability.

Just before he came to the club, Jobadams were in detailed discussion with a pair of French soccer agants, who rolled up to the club car park daily in a southpaw Citroën XM. A package deal was arranged and 3 players duly arrived within a week on trial. Régis Coulbault, Sada Pépé N'Diaye and Eric Deschamps.

Eric is an American based Frenchman, who speaks perfect English, and whose wife plays pro basketball in the States. Eric was the last of the three to arrive, having paid his own way from the USA for his trial with SUFC. After coming half way round the world, he was told on arrival that we didn't realise he was a centre half, and we've got plenty of those (6 or 7 as I recall) so we shan't be needing you. In the car park, where once there was a Citroën XM, there was a cloud of dust. Still, Blues let Eric train with the lads until he went back. Programme anoraks may spot an interview with Eric in a programme from last Autumn, which due to editorial restrictions was unable to tell the whole story.

The bottom line is that the French deal may have been a little unsatisfactory financially and more fees would probably have been due if Régis had been kept on.

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