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Plans for the new stadium should be out soon. It is being designed by the people that designed the Chelsea village. One of the turnstile operators at Roots Hall has spoken of a pre-season briefing where the staff were told that the new ground will commence shortly.

Rumour has it that the Shrimpers have are well on their way to receiving planning permission to build a 15 000 capacity stadium at the Boots & Laces site. The design will allow for possible expansion up to 45 000 should success require it.

The council is set to contribute an adjacent piece of land worth £1 million and to enter in to a partnership with the Blues which should guarantee access to EU  development funds for the club.

A public enquiry is still expected but there is cross-party support on the council for the plans. A hotel will be constructed on the new site. Discussions have been amicable.

John Main would like to know how many fans would use public transport or coaches to get to the new ground if it was efficient, cheap and went anywhere near it. Presumably this will be for fans not only locally but in Basildon, Chelmsford, etc. Please send feedback on this point to Richard Coxell of the SUSC.

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