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Bye, bye Rambo. Bye, bye Roycie.

Blues stalwarts given the push

Alvin Martin announced the release of several long-serving players, including Gridelet, Rammell, Royce and Thomson on Thursday 7th May 1998 saying:

I have had talks with some of the players this week but still have to see a few others and it wouldn't be fair to release their names yet.
Some of the decisions have been made for football or financial reasons but... fresh faces are needed to replace some players who have been here for a number of years and who have not really set the place alight.
Players like Thomson, Rammell and Gridelet probably need a new challenge to spark their careers off again.
We need to bring in goal scorers who will hit the back of the net consistently, a glance at our goals for record last season will show that only Jeroen Boere really hit the target with any regularity at all.

I'm looking for players who are willing to get hurt to get a result

Alvin Martin is looking forward to a busy few weeks on the phone as he sifts through a list of potential signings. He hopes that the possible release of ten players, who were still being paid First Division wages, will provide sufficient funds to strengthen the squad. I'm looking to bring in five new men: a goal scorer; two experienced centre-halves; a ball-winning midfield player; and a goalkeeper.

The Blue Anorak would like to wish all our former players every success for the future. (Unless we're playing against them.)

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