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Much of the information on this page has come from the Southend United mailing list. My thanks to all those who have spread the word.

I don't intend this to have the latest news. You'd do far better to look at some other sites or the mailing list for that.

For splendid, detailed coverage of Southend gossip, try Jeff's site (specifically, look for the gossip and comments page which seems to contain a lot of team talk).

The headlines

New chief executive announced

This is Essex reports that Peter Storrie, former West Ham supremo, has been named as Southend's new chief executive.

An unnamed Hammers fan has said, Peter Storrie was the MD at West Ham who was sacked at the end of last season, very unfairly I thought.

Storrie was distrusted, over the ill-fated bond scheme, but he always seemed to do a sterling job for West Ham. He was forward-thinking and instrumental in setting up West Ham's Australian academies.

Southend United credit card launched

MBNA Bank has launched a Southend United credit card. It appears that all season ticket holders have received a mailshot. The club will receive a small fee per transaction.

Wither Gutzmore?

Some of you may remember Alvin saying at the end of July that he is having talks with another potential striker after medical reasons prevented Leo Fortune-West coming to the club.


Despite being impressed with Leon Gutzmore's hat-trick against Burnham and wanting to see him tested against sterner opposition (Gutzmore played only the last four minutes of the West Ham friendly on 31st July), Martin has not brought the man to Southend.


That is the pertinent question, and from the sounds of things the decision was not made by the manager. Rumour has it that Martin wanted Gutzmore but that he was outvoted by both Gooding and Trevivian. The fact that Billericay want £40 000 for the man is likely to be a factor.

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