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Alan Little sacked

David Webb (1989)Alan Little was sacked at the end of September 2000, just as the Shrimpers were returning to winning ways. David Webb, who quit Yeovil on Friday, will be our new manager.

A club press release, on 28th September, read:

Blues Manager Alan Little has been dismissed. In a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Director Ron Martin announced that from 4pm, Alan Little's contract had been terminated with immediate effect. Mick Gooding will take charge temporarily for Saturday's trip to Rochdale. Ron Martin said that he was targeting a particular person for the job, and that he intended to have a new manager in place sooner rather than later. Martin would only say that the targeted man was an 'experienced manager'. The reasons given for Little's dismissal was that he had not reached the expectations the Club during his time at Roots Hall and the Club wanted a manager who would 'get us back into the Second Division'. Ron Martin also said that money would be made available to the new man. Little left Roots Hall after being told the news without comment. In reply to a question regarding the teams current unbeaten run, Ron Martin answered, One swallow doesn't make a Summer.

At a press conference, soon after his appointment on a two-year contract, David Webb said: David Webb

I want to start where I finished off, the top of the League in the First Division.
I kept saying I'll be back, I didn't expect it to be this long, but I had some good times here, a lot of fun, laughter, a lot of joy and that's really what I want to bring back.
The most important thing is that I want to emulate what we did before, but do it better. It's the ambition I'm after more than anything else, the ambition is to get this club back up, getting it on the right footing and get it going forward and have no fear of falling down. I think that's where the club has gone wrong over the last few years, it's actually been too concerned where it could end up going downwards rather than where it wants to be going upwards. This is what I want to try and instil in everybody here, that I've got one thing on my mind that I want to be focused on going forward and upwards.

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