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Club shop

The Roots Hall supporters' shop is to be revamped. Club shirts should also be available from High Street shops.

Richard Coxell (of the Supporters' Club), Tony Hall (of WTSSG  and Bernie Friend (of the Evening Echo) had a meeting with Mrs. Main (wife of John Main) at the beginning of June about merchandising and the shop.

A lot of ideas were discussed and hopefully the views of fans given an airing.

Expect a reprise of the old badge (see the top of this page), Sammy Shrimper Sammy Shrimper (designed by two fans) and more stock, better designed and better sold.

Bernie was determined to get inflatable shrimps on the menu. What was nice was that Mrs. Main was genuinely interested in what Messrs. Coxell, Hall and Friend, as representatives of some of their customers, thought.

Although many of us are cynics at heart there does seem to be a totally different culture being established. If the stadium plans are all we hope then Richard Coxell, at least, will be convinced that the good times are just around the corner.

Mrs. Main did mention, amongst other things that when she met a load of other bigwig wives of other clubs on a jaunt to Chester, she had been horrified that they all hated it when their teams came to SUFC  as everyone (i.e. Vic and Johnny) was so unfriendly. We may never have the best team in the world but at the very least we'll never get that label stuck on us again.

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