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Close season news

Alan Little speaks

Speaking to the Evening Echo, Alan Little has revealed that he is negotiating to sign a striker for the club. The current squad have been warned that they will be fined for every excess pound they are carrying.

I want the lads to enjoy their holidays but I also want them to be sensible while they are away. After a long hard season it is very easy to go away and over indulge in food and drink— it's human nature.

I don't have a problem with this because I want them to relax and recharge their batteries but any player who does overdo it will be hit in the pocket.

When the squad reports for pre-season training on Monday, 5th July, Little insists that he wants the players to enjoy the training regime. However, he adds, I want Southend to be the fittest team in the Third Division when we kick-off our league campaign in August and the lads have got a hard schedule ahead of them.

Additional training sessions will be laid on during the season. Previously they have only trained once per day but next season will bring morning and afternoon sessions.

Players available on free transfers

  • Mel Capleton
  • Adrian Clarke
  • Mark Patterson
  • Lars Unger

Players released

Players signed

Players with new contracts

  • Mel Capleton (three years)
  • Gary Cross (three years)
  • Yemi Abiodun (three years)
  • Kevin Maher (one year)
  • Adrian Clarke (one year)?
  • Chris Perkins

Mick Gooding has retired but will remain as assistant manager.

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