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Change log

  1. The site map has changed considerably. If you find any broken links, please report them to me at
  2. The site is now coded in CSS1 and HTML 4.01 (loose).
  3. The Java menu is being phased out as it does not work effectively now that the frames have gone.
  4. The site now makes use of PHP instead of SSI or frames. Most pages ending in .html or .shtml will have changed to end in .php
  5. The site is now hosted by Portland.
  6. The site is now fully searchable thanks to FreeFind. You can get an automatically generated list of new pages from the What's New page and a site map.
  7. A wardrobe of Southend United shirts is being added. It can currently be found either in the photos section or on the Java navigation menu.
  8. A songs and chants section is now being developed.
  9. Match reports are being added for each game. They are linked from the results pages.
  10. A picture of the new shirt and the 1998 / 1999 team photo have been added.
  11. Sections on non-playing staff are being added following a suggestion by Steve Newman. At the moment you can find out about managers and chairmen of the club. If anyone would like to write anything about other, less obvious, members of the club then please contact me.
  12. A bookshop has been added for you to search for books about Southend United.
  13. An index of players is being constructed.

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