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Mailing lists

There are two Southend United mailing lists:

Southend Announce
exists for news and announcements about the club.
Subscribe to the Southend United announcements list
Southend Discuss is open to everyone.
Subscribe to the Southend United discussion list
Please feel free to add your views to the list but I do ask you to follow a few simple rules:
  • Southend United related content only please!
  • Please remember that this is site is available to all SUFC supporters. Your lack of education is your problem. Try to keep the language suitable for all the family.
  • Please be sensible when quoting past emails. i.e. Don't quote unnecessary bits and certainly not the whole message!
  • No flames, spams, verbal abuse or slander allowed.
  • Playing of bongos is only allowed on match days.
Thanks very much for your co-operation.

If you have problems subscribing then please contact:
Luke Bosman on

With grateful thanks to ISFA who hosted the mailing list for nearly five years.

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