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Peter Storrie

Peter Storrie, former West Ham supremo, has been named as Southend's new chief executive on a salary of £120 000.

I've liked what I've seen at Southend so far and I'm looking forward to help making the club successful both on and off the pitch again... we must strive to get back to [First Division] level.

Storrie plans to use his influence and reputation in world football to attract new players to the Blues.

An unnamed Hammers fan has said, Peter Storrie was the MD at West Ham who was sacked at the end of last season, very unfairly I thought.

One of Storrie's greatest mistakes at West Ham was his introduction of a bond scheme. West Ham fans were asked to pay a sum approaching £1 000 in return for a guaranteed seat (with their own name plaque) for life and a 10% discount on any future season ticket purchases.

Initially, the Hammers wanted all their season ticket holders to be bond holders but this was in the days before all-seater stadia and, considering that the bond was five times the price of a season ticket and West Ham were not doing well, the fans revolted.

Interestingly, at the height of the bond scheme protests, Storrie invited fans who refused to budge from the centre circle at Upton Park straight in to the boardroom to discuss their grievances. This sort of attitude should contribute to the welcome wind of change that has blown through Roots Hall since Vic Jobson's departure.

Storrie was distrusted, over the ill-fated bond scheme, but he always seemed to do a sterling job for West Ham. He was forward-thinking and instrumental in setting up West Ham's Australian football academy which has produced players such as winger Stan Lazaridis.

I'll be getting involved strongly with the football side of business at Southend and I hope to be able to attract quality players to this club.
I want to be very much hands on at Roots Hall and get involved with everyday football matters. I've already spoken to Alan Little about one or two young players I think could do a good job for us here and I'd like to think there will be more.

Some commentators have suggested that Alan Little will be pleased at Storrie's arrival since it should allow the manager to deal with the footballing side of his job rather than bothering with paperwork, agents and contracts.

Storrie has said that he is also looking forward to helping to boost the club's coffers by getting involved with the commercial side of the club.

I want to improve our relations with local businesses and get everybody pulling together by rebuilding our reputation around the town and making Southend Untied flourish again.

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