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Victor Thomas Jobson (d.19th September 1999)

Vic Jobson

Following Vic Jobson's death on Monday, a condolence book has been set up. Please spare a moment to sign it.

Love him or loathe him, Uncle Vic is the man who stepped in to save the club during the Anton Johnson affair. He may have suggested that the club should up sticks and move to Basildon. He may not have delved in to his pockets for years in order to sign a player. And he may be the person who said, If you are not satisfied then there are 91 other league clubs you can go and support. Whatever your opinion, remember that Southend went from a close encounter with re-election to the First Division while Vic Jobson was the chairman.

Robin Sills, on the SUFC mailing list, sent these snippets of wisdom:

  • Vic was once described in a Southend Court (by whom?) as reckless... an out of work carpenter and bullheaded.
  • In a copy of Roots Hall Roar's predecessor, Vic replied to a letter that had been sent to the club complaining about how poorly our matchday programme compared with Bournemouth's.
    Bournemouth are not that far away, if you like them that much why don't you go and watch them?

Vic has been described as a very keen, but interfering, fan who does not know how best to run the club. He has banned some of his critics from the ground and become involved in costly litigation that, allegedly, has seen three million pounds go down the drain.

The same man has also been known to let a ten minute interview carry on for four hours in order to help out his interviewee. Ill health is quite probably what finally convinced Vic Jobson that he had to leave as he had several operations in the last year or two and was not as fit as one might hope.

Following the takeover of the club by Martin Dawn PLC Vic was apparently reluctant to hand over the reins but eventually he did, on 21st November 1998, to John Main.

Vic died of a heart attack in a New York hospital, where he had been receiving treatment, on 19th September 1999.

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